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Thank you

You are making a difference in the lives of students in Chattanooga! Thanks to you, and 126 other generous donors, we have exceeded our goal of $7,500 to fuel learning adventures for students. 2,680 students, who wouldn't have otherwise had the opportunity, will now have a chance to experience the thrill of learning at the Aquarium. Thanks to your generosity, transportation costs will no longer be a concern for these students and their teachers. 


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Special thanks to those who have already joined our Honor Roll of Donors:

A+++ Donors (gifts fund one full bus or more)

Mr. Fletcher Bright
Chattanooga Women's Club
Stephen & Karen Culp
Arthur & Cynthia MacFadden
Ms. Jo Ann Cline Yates


A++ Donors (gifts fund one full classroom or more)

Mary Fedde
Clarence & Brenda Fennewald
Dorothy Grisham
Art & Anne Hagood
Dr. Cauley W. Hayes
Holly Hina & Lee Sessoms
Margaret E. Hudson
Ival Goldstein Properties
Mrs. Nancy R. Jolley
Ms. Khendra Jordan
Dr. Daniel Kennedy
Esteban & Daisy Lim
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin McCallie
John & Mufti Phillips
Charles & Anne Rittenberry
Larry Roberts
Garrett Soulen


 A+ Donors

Jackson & Linda Andrews
Joseph & Margaret Appleby
Mr. Charles L. Arant
Virginia M. Aries
Tim & Rosemary Baker
Thomas & Sandie Benson
Susannah & Jonathan Berry
Rob Bettis
Kristen Brock
Paul & Susan Brock
Brad & Linda Brown
Scott & Carla Brown
Nancy Burton & Christina Holmes
James & Emma Carpenter
Jenny Curry & Dawnia Powers
John Dandelski & Carrie Regan
Heather Ewalt
First Cumberland Presbyterian Women
Carolyn P. Fox
Elizabeth Franks
Bill & Wilma Godsey
Erik & Stacy Gray
Melanie Gregory
Anita & Marion Halstead
Cynthia Hammond
Christina Holmes
Mrs. Kimberly Honeycutt
David & Page Houseman
Brian & Millicent Humphrey
Karen Hundt
Junior League Garden Club
Mary & Julian Kaufman
Laura & James Kroeger
Bud & Angie Lewallen
Rebekah Marr
Jill & David McCain
Ms. Debra McCoy
Jessica McLain
Joanne & Stewart McMichael
Suzanne Mickles
Elizabeth & John Miles
Timothy Murray & Jim Buckholz
Harriet & Jorge Nevarez
Scott Niznik
John Pantuso
Jenny Park
Mr. Robert Parkin
Lamar J. Partridge
Charlotte Patrick & Margaret Caldwell
Nancy M. Patterson
Layna Payne
Mara-Lynne Payne
Rebecca & Aubrey  Pennington
Ms. Judy B. Powell
Mrs. Helen S. Pregulman
Katherine H. Prior
Keith & Anna Rawlston
Jean Richardson
Evelyn Roberts
Louise Russell & Ellen Fulkerson
David & Nickie Goodman Sink
Mary Lillian Smith & Sylvia Slack
Jean Smrcka
Karen & David Spence
Gordon & Cheryl Stalans
Ms. Veronica R. Sullivan
Andrew & Rhonda Thomas
Cindy & Terry Todd
Ms. Megan Toms
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony L. Waite
Diane Walton & Jeff Uhlrich
Cassondra Denny & Joshua Webb
Paula & James Wharton
Joe Dan & Kim White
William A. White, Jr.
Patrice Wilcox
Coleen M. Wright

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Official Sponsor of the Tennessee Aquarium