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Outreach Programs

Preschool Opportunities

How big is the largest shark in the ocean? Why does a snake stick out its tongue? How many body parts does an insect have? Young minds are full of questions and excitement about the world around them!

The Tennessee Aquarium offers a variety of programs designed to intrigue the youngest learners and build on their innate sense of curiosity about the natural world without leaving your facility. Take a peek into the world of reptiles, insects or sharks; explore the amazing ways animals learn about their world through their senses; or choose another topic from our available programs, Unique props, fun stories, simple games, interactive songs and live animals are some of the ways we engage your little ones in these 30-45 minute hands on, educational programs.

For a current listing of programs or to schedule a visit, call Susie Grant (800) 262-0695, ext. 4057 or e-mail SCD@tnaqua.org.

Preschool Program Fees:
(programs on the same day at the same venue)

1 Program $50.00
2 Programs $100.00
3 Programs $135.00
4 Programs $160.00

Mileage fees of $0.43 per mile (round trip) are assessed for each visit. Mileage fees are waived for facilities within Hamilton County, TN or a 10 mile radius of the Tennessee Aquarium.


K - 12 Opportunities

The Tennessee Aquarium brings the fascinating world of nature directly to your students by offering interactive educational outreach programming in classrooms within a 125 mile radius of the Aquarium. Programs highlighting topics such as reptiles and amphibians, aquatic ecosystems, creepy crawlies and more are aligned to state curriculum guidelines and are age and grade appropriate. Many of the programs utilize live animals and interesting props. Several of the lower grade programs feature innovative costumes and all require student participation. After booking a program, teachers are sent curriculum guideline details, vocabulary words, classroom and home activities, resources and post trip activities. For a brochure listing available outreach program descriptions, applicable program fees or to book a program, call Outreach Coordinator Bill Haley at (800) 262-0695, ext. 4056 or e-mail at WGH@tnaqua.org.

Mileage fees of $0.43 per mile (round trip) are charged for each visit with the exception of schools within Hamilton County, TN or a 10 mile radius of the Tennessee Aquarium in which case no fee is assessed.

*Classrooms in Hamilton County, TN that have a majority of students in the free/reduced lunch program are not charged a program fee. Written confirmation of student's participation in the free/reduced lunch program is required for all free programs.

Outreach Classroom Program Fees:
(programs on the same day at the same venue)

1 Program $70.00
2 Programs $120.00
3 Programs $180.00
4 Programs $240.00
5 Programs $300.00

Outreach Auditorium Program Fees - $200
(applicable to "Rainforest Shuffle" program only)

Special 30 minute "Amphibians" program - $50.00
(for Kindergarten and first grade students)


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