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Interactive Modules

Three different interactive modules give you activities to try out on your own – just like having your own “lab in nature.”

Insect Field Study
During this lab, students explore the fascinating world of insects. Students begin by collecting aquatic insects from a local stream. As they sort their specimens, they encounter a variety of stages in the lifecycle of some common insects. They will observe the unique adaptations that allow some insects to survive in the water during the initial stages of life and then on land as an adult.

Students will learn how to collect live insects for study at home and identify their characteristics.

View Insect Field Study Module

Scientific Method
During this two-part lab, students practice the skills important in the study of science. Students sharpen their observation skills, learning to note important details and ask questions as they observe. They will practice the steps of the scientific method as they develop experiments on paper, allowing them the freedom to create complex experiments without limits such as money, equipment or time.

The framework used during this process will give students the tools necessary to ask questions and design future experiments.

View Scientific Method Module

Arthropods Lab
Students make detailed observations of a variety of live arthropods. They'll use their observations to discover the characteristics shared by all arthropods, then explore the differences among the arthropod classes.

View Arthropods Module

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