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L5:First City In Space Press Release
Firsts and Facts

L5: First City In Spaceis the first film to realistically depict a future space city within our solar system based on actual data from NASA and leading scientists. There are several compelling facts about the production of this groundbreaking IMAX 3D film, which boasts many significant firsts in the motion-picture industry. Specifically:

  • The filmmakers of L5: First City In Space used data and research gathered from NASA and leading scientists to create a realistic approximation of a working city in space.
  • IMAX 3D computer-generated imagery was used to bring "real-world" data of space exploration to life on the giant screen.
  • Actual IMAX footage of the Russian MIR space station orbiting the Earth was filmed in space by the astronauts aboard the U.S. Space Shuttle.
  • Viewers can skim the surface of Mars at high speeds in a sequence constructed from real images and actual data gathered from the Viking space probe.
  • The filmmakers worked with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to create a Mars flyover and Comet Shoemaker-Levy’s collision with Jupiter.
  • Real images and data from space probe Voyager were used to give viewers the first-ever look at the planet Jupiter in IMAX 3D.
  • When determining where to locate the space city, the filmmakers were advised by scientists at JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratories) to position it at L5, an actual position in our solar system (LaGrange Point 5) on the moon’s orbit around Earth where the gravitational pull is close to zero. NASA's scientific data and decades of research suggests that L5 is the best location to support a self-sustaining space colony.
  • The film contains the first IMAX 3D footage of the space shuttle.
  • The film features a never-before-seen depiction of a space craft landing on a comet surface.
  • L5: First City In Space marks a new departure for IMAX 3D -- the use of the medium to create a "reality-based" feature set in outer space.
  • The filmmakers used the research and theories of Princeton’s world- renowned physicist Gerard K. O’Neill and involved leading space artist Pat Rawlings in construction of a computer generated representation of a space station/space city.
  • The combination of special effects and live action is known to filmmakers as compositing. Always tricky, the seamless blending of elements in L5: First City in Space are among the first in IMAX 3D.

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