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T-REX: Back To The Cretaceous

Trivia Questions

1.) Many scientists believe that T-Rex was more like:
a) A 5-ton lizard
b) A 10,000 pound turkey with a really bad attitude
c) A Cretaceous period pharmacy
ANSWER: b) a 10,000 pound turkey with a really bad attitude The name may mean "terrible lizard," but many scientists believe dinosaurs, including T-Rex, share traits with modern day birds. These traits include hollow vertebrae, bird-like hipbones and an upright posture.

2.) What prehistoric creature's bones were found in a cave near Chattanooga?
a) A saber toothed tiger
b) Elvis-saurus Presley
c) Dino (Dee-noe)
ANSWER: a) a saber toothed tiger's bones were found by amateur archeologists in 1959.

3.) According to most scientists, what was T-Rex's top speed?
a) 10 miles per hour
b) 80 miles per hour
c) 40 miles per hour
ANSWER: c) By measuring the length of the leg and estimating the size of the leg muscles, scientists have determined that T-Rex could reach a top running speed of 40 miles per hour.

4.) Where is Dinosaur Provincial Park?
a) Jackson Hole, Wyoming
b) La Brea Tar Pits, Los Angeles
c) The Badlands of Alberta, Canada
ANSWER: c) the Badlands of Alberta, Canada -- The southwestern part of the province of Alberta is acknowledged around the world as having one of the richest collections of dinosaur bones.

5.) Who was a famous bone hunter about a century ago?
a) Barnum Brown
b) Beetle Bailey
c) Barney
ANSWER: a) Barnum Brown did his digs between 1909 and 1916 in the same area where Imax's T-Rex was filmed.

6.) What are bone hunters called today?
a) Archeologists
b) Herpetologists
c) Paleontologists
ANSWER: c) paleontologists

7.) Where was the lush setting of Imax's T-Rex filmed?
a) The Great Smoky Mountains
b) Olympia Rain Forest in upper Washington State
c) Amazon Flooded Forest
ANSWER: b) The remote location used to shoot the Cretaceous period was in the Olympia Rain Forest in upper Washington State. The vegetation and environment are very similar to what scientists believe it was like in the late Cretaceous period.

8.) In the IMAX 3D Theater, T-Rex seems to be six stories tall and twice as loud. How tall do paleontologists think T-Rex really was?
a) The height of a giraffe
b) The height of a basketball goal
c) The height of a two-story house
ANSWER: c) with an average height of 20 feet, T-Rex was about as tall as a two-story house. The average T-Rex weighed from 3 to 5 tons.

9.) Bones from which animals have been discovered in Tennessee?
a) Hadrasaur
b) Three-toed sloth
c) Wooly mammoth
ANSWER: All the above, including the saber toothed tiger.

10.) It is believed that T-Rex moms laid eggs in a nest. Where could these nests be found?
a) On the ground
b) In the water
c) In hearty trees
ANSWER: a) Scientists believe that Tyrannosaurs were adapted to wet forests, brushland and swamp borders. T-Rex eggs were laid in nests constructed on the ground.
11.) On average, how many teeth did T-Rex have?
a) 35 teeth
b) 100 teeth
c) Hundreds of teeth
ANSWER: c) like all dinosaurs, T-Rex had an endless supply of teeth that formed in each tooth socket. As a tooth was damaged or lost, a new tooth would replace it.


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