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Cedar Waxwing

Bombycilla cedorum 

ON EXHIBIT:  Cove Forest at River Journey


Sexes are similar with mostly greenish -brown plumage with a obvious crest and a black mask and a yellow band at the end of their tail.  They are called “waxwings” because of the waxy red tips on their secondary feathers.
This gregarious species is a regular spring, fall and winter visitor to the Aquarium plaza where flocks feed enthusiastically on holly and other fruiting trees.

Populations are stable in the wild.  Even though Cedar Waxwings are a fairly common species in the wild they are quite rare in captivity.

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About This Animal

SIZE   7.25 inches

RANGE  Widespread over North America

HABITAT  Open woodlands, orchards and park-like settings

DIET  Mainly fruits and berries