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Red-fronted Macaw

Ara rubrogenys

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Red-fronted Macaw

Red Fronted macaws are the smallest of the large macaws. Fairly rare and therefore not well-known, Red Fronted macaws are olive green with bright red on their foreheads, ear coverts, shoulders and socks. They are from one remote valley in Bolivia in South America. Red Fronted macaws are lovable, friendly smaller macaws, although they are still considered to be one of the large macaws. They have a body the size of a medium to large Amazon parrot with a longer pointed tail. Considered by many to be the ideal size of macaw, they are fun loving and become excellent talkers. They are quite the comedians.

Listed as endangered due to habitat loss.

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About This Animal

SIZE  24 inches tall

RANGE Only found in the provinces of Cochabamba and Santa Cruz, in the Andean valleys of central Bolivia.

HABITAT  The natural vegetation consists mostly of cactus and thorny trees and scrub. The climate is semi arid with cold nights and hot days. Rain comes in infrequent heavy storms. It is unusual in that it is the only macaw to inhabit such a climatic zone. Most macaws nest in holes in large trees but there are no large trees in its range so it nests in vertical fissures in cliff faces.

DIET  Fruits of the Cacti, native fruits, cultivated corn, and peanuts.