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Jellies: Living Art

Jellies Living Art
Jellies capture the imagination as they pulse inside specially designed displays next to striking studio glass. Experience the beauty of this unique new gallery.


Blubber Jellyfish

Catostylus mosaicus

ON EXHIBIT:  Jellies: Living Art exhibit at Ocean Journey

Blubber Jellyfish

Blubber jellyfish can range in color from tan to bright blue to deep purple.  Their coloration is believed to be a form of sunscreen and intensifies when they are exposed to sunlight.

When dried and preserved properly, this species is considered a delicacy in many Asian countries.  With its numbers increasing in Australian waters, many fishermen have turned to harvesting the blubber jellyfish to sell to foreign markets for food.  Jellyfish meat is a high protein/low fat food.

Fan Photo

Blubber Jellyfish - Rich Smith Photography
Photo by Rich Smith Photography

About This Animal

SIZE: Up to 12 inches in diameter

RANGE:  North and eastern Australia

HABITAT: Coastal, open waters

DIET: Small zooplankton

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