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From a hairy tarantula to a talking African gray parrot, you never know what you’ll bump into in Ranger Rick's Backyard Safari at the Tennessee Aquarium!


Jellies: Living Art

Jellies Living Art
Jellies capture the imagination as they pulse inside specially designed displays next to striking studio glass. Experience the beauty of this unique new gallery.


West Coast Sea Nettle

Chrysaora fuscescens

ON EXHIBIT:  Jellies: Living Art exhibit at Ocean Journey

West Coast Sea Nettle

The dusky orange hues of the West Coast sea nettle’s bell pulse continuously against the current. Its maroon tentacles and lacey white oral arms trail 12 to 15 feet behind, stinging and collecting a wide variety of zooplankton.  Although they are effective predators, their large size and abundance make this species a valuable food source for many marine animals.

The name Chrysaora comes from Greek mythology and refers to the son of Poseidon and Medusa.  Meaning “golden sword,” it is a warning of the stinging ability of these jellyfish

Fan Photo

West Coast Sea Nettle - Chesil
Photo by Chesil

About This Animal

SIZE: Up to 15 inches in diameter

RANGE:  Pacific Ocean from Mexico to British Columbia

HABITAT: Open water, seasonal aggregations nearshore

DIET: Feeds on small crustaceans, pelagic tunicates and mollusks, fish eggs and larvae, and other jellies