Creative Discovery Museum

Creative Discovery Museum

Get discount tickets you can use any time at the Creative Discovery Museum. Pilot a riverboat, dig for dinosaur bones and more at this children’s museum full of family fun.



Chattanooga Riverboat Cruise
A Chattanooga Riverboat Cruise on the River Gorge Explorer is part thrill ride and part nature tour.



Born to be Wild

Don't miss this inspiring story of love, dedication and the remarkable bond between humans and animals.

Ranger Rick's Backyard Safari

Fun Activities

Ranger Rick's Backyard SafariPlay word games and fun crafts from the Ranger Rick® website. It's fun for everyone in the family!


Milk-Jug Bird Feeder
Don't toss out that empty milk jug!
Turn it into an easy-to-make bird feeder.  

Yummy Worms
Anyone ever told you to go eat worms?  Here are two recipes that will make you squirm.

The Great Tree Hunt
See how many weird-looking trees are waiting for you in your neighborhood, backyard or nearby woods. 

Bugs for your Belly
These recipes will have you buzzing!  See how creative you can be.

Beneath your Lawn
Did you know there are lots of tiny creatures living beneath your lawn? Here are some underground facts about them.



Bennethead SharkTest your Shark Knowledge
Turn on your sound to play this game. A friendly fish will give you instructions and cheer you on!

Buzz Off
Help Buzzy honeybee and his friends find their favorite flowers by solving these puzzles.

Who's Who at Fish School
Help Ms. Phish keep track of her class as they play tag. In this matching game, can you name all the fish before the time is up? 

Fish Food Game
Work your way up the food chain. It's eat or be eaten! Be a fish in an underwater eco-system. Fill your stomach with plants and smaller fish and avoid getting eaten by bigger fish.

Bird Brains Games
Do you have what it takes to hang with this clever corvid? This game gives new meaning to the expression "eating crow"!

Animal Trivia Crossword Puzzle
Test your knowledge about lots of different furry, feathery and slimy creatures.

Frogs and Friends Crossword Puzzle
Reptiles and amphibians are fabulous, fascinating creatures. Test your knowledge about these sometimes slimy, sometimes slithery frogs and friends.

Mossy Frog








Location & Schedule

Ranger Rick’s Backyard Safari is located in the lower level of the River Journey building next to the Seahorse Gallery. Animal presentations will be offered daily from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm.

Meet the Safari Animals

The animals are the stars of Ranger Rick’s Backyard Safari. Some will make you laugh, others may make you shiver. Some you can touch. Some you won't want to.

Fun Activities

Solve a puzzle, create a bird feeder or play a game! Ranger Rick invites all explorers to discover these fun activities before or after you visit the Tennessee Aquarium.

Your Backyard Habitat

After visiting Ranger Rick’s Backyard Safari, you’re ready to explore your own backyard with new eyes. What creatures are living there now and how can you make it a better place for more animals?

Bug Club

Curious young naturalists will love learning about fascinating multi-legged creatures. Membership includes a monthly newsletter (the Monthly Moult), fun meetings and a Bug Club t-shirt.

Safari Links

Fun and educational links about wildlife and nature
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