Contributing Membership

The Tennessee Aquarium is committed to be the most responsible stewards of our members’ generosity.

Contributing members are special donors who know that individual drops of support connect to make a big difference in the Aquarium’s impact. The contributing member benefits outlined below provide special access to the people and programs that enhance your Aquarium experience on every visit.

Sustainer Level $5,000 +    JOIN NOW

A gift of $5,000 provides admission for 20 elementary school classes to visit and have a science classroom program. 

Guardian Level $2,500 - $4,999   JOIN NOW

A gift of $2,500 purchases costumes so that children can “become” their favorite animal during an outreach program.

Conservationist Level $1,000 - $2,499    JOIN NOW

A gift of $1,800 provides water quality testing equipment to teach students in biology fundamentals in local streams.   

Curator Level $500 - $999   JOIN NOW

A contribution of $500 covers the cost of one year of diagnostic x-rays for endangered turtles, native to the Tennessee Valley, to enhance their reproductive success. These turtles are then released into the wild to re-establish breeding populations.

Aquarist Level $300 - $499   JOIN NOW

A contribution of $300 provides free in-service training programs for 2 elementary school science teachers.