What type of hamster is it? If it’s a syiran trust me it will get along with your firend just fine, and will adjust quickly and shouldn’t have any problems. If it’s a dwarf start bringing your friend over and letting herhold and play with it hwile you’re there ,when you leave the hamster hsould bej ust fine.Hope I helpedSloan KeychainSorry for any typing mistakes


I just wanted to say I was very dtippaosnied in a recent purchase.I have bought the chicken pot pies a number of times.  I bought one today that was more expensive than before, but the most disappointing was the contents of the pie.  There were very few vegetables and very little chicken I guess I will not be buying these any more.  I don;t mint price increase but I do mind the cutting of quality.  I hope this does not continue with other products or I will no longer be a customer.

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