Fire-bellied Toad

Fire-bellied Toad

Bombina orientalis

About This Animal

SIZE: 3 in (7.6 cm)

RANGE: China, North and South Korea, adjacent parts of Russia

HABITAT: Streams and ponds

DIET: Insects

ON EXHIBIT:  Rivers of the World at River Journey

The fire-bellied toad is well camouflaged with its green and black markings. When threatened, a fire-bellied toad will raise its head, arms and legs upward to show its brightly colored orange and black belly as a warning.  This alerts would-be predators of the toad's toxic skin secretions. This behavior is called an unken reflex.

Populations are decreasing.  All amphibians are at risk due to factors such as habitat destruction, pollution and diseases such as ranavirus and chytrid fungus.