Eolophus roseicapilla

About This Animal

SIZE: Adults average 35cm long and weighs 270 to 350 grams

RANGE: This pink and grey bird is endemic over most of mainland Australia and Tasmania

HABITAT: They inhabit mostly open country as long as there is some timber for nesting. They are most often found within easy distance of water and are becoming increasingly conspicuous in urban areas.

DIET: They live on grass and grass roots, fruit, nuts and grain

ON EXHIBIT: Makes appearances in Extraordinary Experience bird program in Ocean Journey Tropical Cove

Rose-breasted Cockatoos (or Galahs) are gorgeous, gregarious birds. They have a rosy-pink head with a lighter pink crest. The deeper pink is also seen on the neck, underparts and under-tail. They have a grey back and wings, with a whitish edge. Soft light pink feathers also grace the tip of the tail. The Galahs have quite an elaborate courtship display where the male will dance with his crest raised and head swaying from side to side. Sometimes he will break off a twig and wave it around. Once they choose their partners, these birds are monogamous unless one dies in which case they will take a new partner. 

Before settling to roost for the night they enjoy aerial aerobatics, flying swiftly through the trees or bush. They swoop down towards the ground screeching loudly. Their flight is swift with full rhythmic wing beats as they spiral down, twisting and turning, before landing in a tree. A flock of these Cockatoos is quite a spectacular sight.

The Rose-breasted Cockatoo (Galah) is not considered endangered. The average lifespan of a Galah is between 50 and 70 years, so this must be taken into consideration when looking to purchase one as a pet.