Weedy Seadragon

Phyllopteryx taeniolatus

About This Animal

SIZE: 1.5 ft (46cm)

RANGE: Ocean areas of western Australia, south Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania

HABITAT: Among seagrasses and coral reefs

DIET: Small shrimps and microinvertebrates

ON EXHIBIT:  Seahorse exhibit in River Journey

The weedy seadragon is an inhabitant of kelp beds and coral reefs. Their weed-like appendages and coloration help keep them camouflaged from predators. Like all members of the seahorse family, Syngnathidae, the males carry the eggs. Unlike seahorses, where the males carry the eggs in a pouch, the weedy seadragon male carries eggs under his tail. 

Although the status of the weedy seadragon is not currently known, it is being closely monitored in its native waters and collection of this species is strictly regulated.  It is likely that development along the coastal waters in which it lives could drastically affect its habitat and decrease its numbers.