Umbrella Jellyfish

Umbrella Jellyfish

Eutonina indicans

About This Animal

SIZE: Up to 1 inch in diameter

RANGE: Pacific coast from Santa Barbara through Bering Sea to Russia and Northern Japan

HABITAT: Open water, near surface

DIET: Feeds on invertebrate eggs and larvae, copepods, and smaller jellies

ON EXHIBIT:  Jellies: Living Art exhibit in Ocean Journey

This beautiful small jellyfish looks like a miniature umbrella.  Its transparent body and small size make it nearly invisible in the ocean. The most conspicuous parts of the umbrella jelly’s body are the four radial canals.  The mouth has four frilly lips and extends below the bell margin on a conical peduncle.  When food is snared by this tiny predator, the mouth swings over to “lick” the new meal off the tentacles.