Protect Freshwater

Leaders in Freshwater Conservation

Each day the Tennessee Aquarium connects visitors with the natural world through exhibitry and educational presentations both within the Aquarium’s buildings and out in nature aboard the River Gorge Explorer. While we offer an entertaining experience, our guests genuinely appreciate the knowledge we impart, which helps them better understand creatures and habitats from around the world. And, it’s our hope their experience follows them home where they employ simple, money-saving practices that benefit aquatic life downstream.

The southeastern United States is one of the most ecologically diverse places on Earth. The Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute, TNACI, works to preserve, protect and sustain the region’s natural treasures and to bring people of all ages closer to nature. 

TNACI scientists collaborate with state and federal conservation agencies, scholars and other non-governmental environmental organizations to help restore the delicate balance of biodiversity throughout the Southeast.

With ongoing support from grants and individual contributions, the Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute will continue to expand critical research, conservation and educational outreach programs.

Official Sponsor of Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Programs