TNACI interns

Student Opportunities

Are you looking for in the field hands on experience?

We have multiple ways students who are passionate about the environment can get more involved with our work.  

College Opportunities 

Summer Assistantship in Conservation Aquaculture

Learn about freshwater fish conservation aquaculture with Reintroduction Biologists at the Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute. You will use recirculating systems to help rear Lake Sturgeon and Brook Trout as part of ongoing recovery efforts in the southeastern United States. Daily duties will include feeding, scrubbing tanks, washing and back-washing filters, counting and measuring fish, and dosing medications. Additionally, there will be some opportunities to go out in the field to assist TNACI scientists with ongoing research. Background knowledge in freshwater fish and basic aquarium maintenance is preferred. This paid assistantship is for at least 10 weeks and requires weekend work.

Applications are due by March 3rd, 2017.

George Benz Aquatic Research Fellowships

Conduct independent research in southeastern aquatic conservation biology with the Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute science staff. Three undergraduates will be hired for fellowships in herpetology and ichthyology. The fellows will develop and conduct their own independent research projects for the summer in support of ongoing projects at TNACI including community ecology, population genetics, and conservation status of southeastern fishes, salamanders, and turtles. In addition to their own projects, fellows will have the opportunity to assist with fieldwork and lab analyses conducted by TNACI science staff.  Background knowledge in aquatic ecology is preferred. Applicants must have graduated high school and be currently enrolled in an undergraduate program, but can have a graduation date of May 2017. These paid fellowships are for 10 weeks and may require weekend work.

Applications are due by March 3rd, 2017.