Sustainable Seafood Recipes

We've selected eleven species to highlight. Look for Serve & Protect information near exhibits on your next Aquarium visit, including cell phone audio tour stops recorded by Chefs Alton Brown, Virginia Willis and Susan Spicer. You’ll also discover why these choices make healthy menu options.

Mussels | Brown Shrimp | Red Swamp Crayfish  | Arctic Char | Summer Flounder | Clams
Channel Catfish | Rainbow Trout | Yellowtail Snapper  | Oysters | American Lobster

The Tennessee Aquarium’s Serve & Protect program was founded in partnership with famed foodist Alton Brown. This long-term sustainable seafood initiative is meant to be a fun-filled campaign that helps inland residents make better seafood decisions by providing an easy to understand foundation to build upon. 

Famed foodist including Alton Brown and chef's Virginia Will and Susan Spicer have developed some savory seafood recipes specifically for the Aquarium’s “Serve & Protect” program. We’ll update this page with more recipes, which will give you plenty of tasty and sustainable options. So keep checking back!