Take Action

What you can do.


Our message is simple – buy seafood caught or raised in the U.S.  Buying American not only supports U.S. jobs, but we also believe our own regulations are an important way to ensure sustainable fishing practices in wild caught or farm raised fish. And since public demand is the driving force for restaurants and grocery stores that provide products, this is an easy way for YOU, the customer, to get involved. 


As you start sampling sustainable seafood, you may find that you want more information about the problems and solutions. Read a good book about seafood, like Four Fish by Paul Greenberg or The End of the Line by Charles Clover. Or visit Seafood Watch at the Monterey Bay Aquarium for more details on different fisheries.


The best way to make good choices about seafood is to start conversations.  Don’t be afraid to ask your restaurant waitstaff where their fish comes from.  How was it harvested?  Where was it caught?  At the grocery store, don’t be afraid to try cooking a new species that we’ve featured.  Ask your grocer or market manager about fish they recommend and tips to prepare seafood dishes.


Now that you’ve learned all of this information, share it!  Continue the conversation about sustainable seafood with your friends and family.  In addition to talking about why the issue matters, encourage them to try new recipes you’ve found on our site.  You’ll be a culinary hero when you “Like” and share links to tasty recipes by Alton Brown and featured Chattanooga chefs. Or post your own sustainable seafood recipes and techniques on our Facebook page. If presentation is your specialty, we’d love to see your pictures as well.