Grade Level 1 - 2

Lunch & Learn Program:

Animal Senses 
Students watch a video about animal senses while they eat, discuss specialized senses that animals use to survive and have their own animal encounter.

Classroom Program:

Animal Adaptations
We play hide and seek as a game, but many animals play to survive!  With pictures, props and live animals, students are introduced to the many colorful ways animals blend into their environment.  Everyone creates their own camouflaged critter to take home. 

Auditorium Program:

Jellyfish Dream
Join J. J., a young child who uses the power of imagination to transform into a jellyfish.  Together they travel through the ocean meeting other species of jellies as well as predators. Students discover what a jellyfish is, how they swim, what they eat, how they sting and how they reproduce.

Critter Close-up
Students meet a variety of reptiles and amphibians, learn about the different habitats they live in, their roles in the environment and the unique adaptations which help them survive.