Grade Level 3 - 5

Lunch & Learn Program:

Ocean Food Chain
Enjoy your lunch as we take a closer look at what types of things may be on the menu in an ocean food chain. The video along with the opportunity to interact with a living salt water critter helps students discover the interconnectivity of all living things and the importance of being good stewards to all environments.

Classroom Program:

Plankton Power 
The largest whales in the ocean and the smallest mussels in a river both depend on plankton as a food source.  Students work in teams to create their own plankton as they participate in the Great Phytoplankton Race.

Auditorium Program:

Build a Jelly  
In this interactive program, students become the parts of a jelly that swim, sting, eat and excrete.  Students learn how jellies travel thousands of miles, feed, defend themselves and reproduce even though they are spineless, brainless and heartless. 

Critter Close-up:
Students meet a variety of reptiles and amphibians, learn about the different habitats they live in, their roles in the environment and the unique adaptations which help them survive.