Grade Level 6 - 8

Lunch & Learn Program:

Students watch a short video about the biodiversity of life while they eat, discuss the different levels of biodiversity and play a challenging game. 

Classroom Program:

Stream Scene
Discover ways to determine the health of a stream by its inhabitants. See unique adaptations of animals that live their life in cold mountain streams when you become stream creatures as we conduct a simulation to find out how events in and around the stream can change its ability to support life. 

Auditorium Program:

Aquarium Jeopardy 6-8        (Aquarium Jeopardy 6-8 Answers)
Test your knowledge about animals and habitats exhibited at the Tennessee Aquarium as well as some environmental threats to their survival through this fun, interactive game. 

Critter Close-up 
Students meet a variety of reptiles and amphibians, learn about the different habitats they live in, their roles in the environment and the unique adaptations which help them survive.