Grade Level 9 - 12

Lunch & Learn Program:

Ocean Frontiers

Students will play a game to demonstrate overfishing.  They will watch a short video which compiles four ocean-themed environmental case studies while they eat.  After lunch, we will briefly discuss seafood selection using the Tennessee Aquarium Serve and Protect guidelines.   

Classroom Programs:

Seahorse Rescue Mission 9-12 

Seahorse populations are declining and we need your help!  Students learn how to complete background research, test water for basic impurities and discuss effects on animal populations as they help save the seahorses.

Humpback Whale Learning Lab
Enhance your learning experience by signing up for a learning lab after seeing Humpback Whales 3D. Your students will participate in hands-on activities, listen to whale songs, and see cool marine mammal biofacts.  The lessons can be adapted for grades kindergarten through 12th.  Save time by purchasing a boxed lunch with Zaxby’s chicken fingers to eat in the IMAX before your learning lab.

Auditorium Program:

Critter Close-up 
Students meet a variety of reptiles and amphibians, learn about the different habitats they live in, their roles in the environment and the unique adaptations which help them survive.