Grade Level 9 - 12

Lunch & Learn Program:

Ocean Frontiers

Students will play a game to demonstrate overfishing.  They will watch a short video which compiles four ocean-themed environmental case studies while they eat.  After lunch, we will briefly discuss seafood selection using the Tennessee Aquarium Serve and Protect guidelines.   

Classroom Program:

Seahorse Rescue Mission 9-12 

Seahorse populations are declining and we need your help!  Students learn how to complete background research, test water for basic impurities and discuss effects on animal populations as they help save the seahorses.

Auditorium Program

Serve and Protect

Students will learn about the fishing industry and ways that they can make more sustainable seafood choices at the grocery store and in restaurants. Students are encouraged to look for the "Serve and Protect" logo while tour the exhibits to learn more.