Tennessee Aquarium

PLEASE NOTE: The Tennessee Aquarium and IMAX 3D Theater will be closed on Thursday, November 23 in observance of Thanksgiving. 

Teacher Resources

Make your field trip a learning expedition by using the following downloadable educational materials.

Aqua Guide

This guide is designed to help prepare your class for their field trip and help you lead your group as they explore the exhibits in the Aquarium.

Small Group Worksheets

Research shows that the most effective field trips are "limited choice."  Try these worksheets as alternatives to traditional scavenger hunts. Students may work in small groups on their own or led by a chaperone. Have suggestions for how to improve these guides or want to request new topics?  Email education@tnaqua.org

Biome Tour
Habitat Tour
Adaptations Tour


Turn your field trip to the Aquarium into a scavenger hunt!  Not only will AquaQuest enhance your students’ learning experience, but they will have fun discovering all the answers. Choose the appropriate grade level below and print a copy of the pdf.  Please keep in mind, writing against the exhibits or graphic panels may scratch the acrylic so please provide each student with something to write on such as a notebook or clipboard and a pencil.

AquaQuest Pre K - K Pre K - K AquaQuest Answers
1st - 2nd AquaQuest 1st - 2nd AquaQuest Answers
3rd - 5th AquaQuest 3rd - 5th AquaQuest Answers
6th - 8th AquaQuest 6th - 8th AquaQuest Answers
9th - 12th AquaQuest 9th - 12th AquaQuest Answers

Dichotomous Keys and Food Web Activities

This food web will help you understand the diverse and complicated world of the Delta Swamp in River Journey.

Teacher Student
Delta Swamp Web of Life Delta Swamp Web of Life Instructions
Delta Swamp Web of Life Answers Delta Swamp Web of Life

These dichotomous keys will help you identify the fish in the Gulf of Mexico and Nickajack Lake exhibits in River Journey and the Secret Reef exhibit in Ocean Journey.  Use the blank dichotomous key to make your own.

Nickajack Dichotomous Key
Secret Reef Dichotomous Key
River Giants Dichotomous Key
Blank Dichotomous Key

IMAX Movies & Educator Guides

Our exciting IMAX movies offer students an additional learning experience. Click here to see current film schedules. Click the following links to find the educator's guide for our current films:

Secret Ocean PDF

Sensory Bags

Educational supplements are available for visually impaired guests. Each sensory bag consists of a duffel bag (one for Ocean Journey and one for River Journey) which has hands-on props and printed information for dictation. If someone in your group would like to use the sensory bag during their visit, please check with a Guest Services Associate when you arrive.

woman holding small jellyfish in jar

Backstage Pass

Get VIP access to get up-close, feed, and touch Aquarium animals.

Go Backstage
diver with a sea turtle


Find all kinds of behind-the-scenes pictures and information about your favorite aquatic getaway located in the heart of downtown.

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