Welcome to the Tennessee Aquarium!

Within our two buildings, you’ll trace the path of water from the mountains to the sea. Come face-to-face with the fascinating native animals that live in our backyards and the amazing creatures that thrive in some of the most remote locations on Earth. 

The mission of the Tennessee Aquarium is to connect people with nature and empower them to make informed decisions about water and wildlife.

We celebrate the rich biodiversity of the Southeast through our exhibits and are actively engaged in preserving and restoring that biodiversity through our work in the field.  The Aquarium’s research arm, the Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute, has a focused expertise in restoring freshwater ecosystems and helping people appreciate the need for environmental health in our region. 

Since opening its doors in 1992, the Tennessee Aquarium has played a crucial role in Chattanooga’s economic development efforts and has become a nationally acclaimed attraction. A recent analysis by the University of Tennessee Center for Sustainable Business and Development reveals how our nonprofit organization leads the way to a future that is economically, educationally and environmentally sound.  We continue to be a driver for Chattanooga’s growth, contributing annually $115 million in economic impact. We attract more than 750,000 visitors to our facility, many of whom bring to our city out-of-town dollars that local businesses may not otherwise earn. Our activities support a robust tax base that support essential services in our community, like funding for roads and schools. And the multiplier effect of our Aquarium operations support 1,297 jobs across our community. To learn more about the Tennessee Aquarium’s social and economic impact, you can view the full report.