Weekday Wonders

Weekday Wonders is a series designed for parents and other adults who are interested in engaging children in science at home.

These resources are carefully curated to include activities that address content students learn in school, while being written in a way that it is easy for caregivers to facilitate, even while working. 

Designed for young scientists in pre-kindergarten through 5th grade, Weekday Wonders are released each weekday. Many of the activities include support on how to adjust the activities to be easier for the youngest scientists or more challenging for scientists in grades 4, 5, and beyond. 

The activities require minimal preparation and materials. Many young scientists will be able to complete the activities with instructions from an adult followed by time on their own. 

In addition, young scientists can tune into the Tennessee Aquarium’s Facebook Live at 1:00 P.M. EDT each day and listen carefully to see if they can figure out how the Question of the Day relates to one of the animals that live at the Aquarium. These videos can also be found on the Tennessee Aquarium’s YouTube Channel.

Living Things and the Environment (Week of March 30)

Day 1What are living things?

Day 2 -  What do animals need to live?

Day 3 - What do plants need to live?

Day 4 - How do living things rely on each other to live?

Day 5 - How do plants and animals share resources where they live?

Diversity in Ecosystems (Week of April 6)

Day 1 - Where do animals live in the ocean?

Day 2 -  Where do animals live in rivers and streams?

Day 3 - Where do animals live in the forest?

Day 4 - Where do animals live in your backyard?

Day 5 - What’s the difference between an ecosystem and a habitat?

Changing Ecosystems (Week of April 13)

Day 1 - What changes in your neighborhood?

Day 2 - How do places where animals live change?

Day 3 - How do places change for animals who live in water?

Day 4 - How often do ecosystems change?

Day 5 - Why is a diverse ecosystem healthier than one that only has a few living things?

Watershed Wisdom (Week of April 20)

Day 1 - Where does water come from?

Day 2 - Where does water go?

Day 3 - What watershed do I live in?

Day 4 - What else lives in your watershed?

Day 5 - How can you protect your watershed?

Diversity of Living Things (Week of April 27)

Day 1 - What physical characteristics do animals have?

Day 2 - How are all animals similar and different from each other?

Day 3 - How can knowing the characteristics of animals help to sort them and know what they are?

Day 4 - How are the characteristics of individual animals of the same kind similar and different?

Day 5 - Why is it important for animals of the same kind to have different characteristics? 

Inherited Characteristics (Week of May 4)

Day 1 - What characteristics do animals have?

Day 2 - How are parents and offspring the same, and how are they different?

Day 3 - What characteristics can be passed from parents to offspring?

Day 4 - Why are only some characteristics of offspring the same as their parents'?

Day 5 - How does the environment affect characteristics?

Adaptations (Week of May 11)

Day 1 - What characteristics do animals have that help them live in their environment?

Day 2 - What characteristics help an animal to survive?

Day 3 - What characeristics help an animal to survive where it lives?

Day 4 - Why do different animals have different adaptations for the same environment?

Day 5 - Why are there differences among animals that are same species?

Growth and Development (Week of May 18)

Day 1 - How do animals grow and develop?

Day 2 - What is a life cycle?

Day 3 - Are there different kinds of life cycles?

Day 4 - Do plants have life cycles?

Day 5 - How does the environment affect living things' life cycles?

Biodiversity and Me (Week of May 25)

Day 1 - What resources do humans and wild animals share?

Day 2 - How do humans and animals rely on each other to survive?

Day 3 - Why is it important for humans to share resources with other living things?

Day 4 - How do humans take care of animals at the Tennessee Aquarium?

Day 5 - How can humans help where we live?