kids in VR experience

Virtual Reality

A new experience in the IMAX Lobby

In this new experience just inside the IMAX lobby, guests don special headsets to embark on a Prehistoric Dive, a new virtual reality experience. Participants are placed in the digital boots of a team of explorers who are mysteriously catapulted through time into the harrowing waters of a primordial ocean.

During the adventure, the headsets transmit realistic 3D imagery that changes based on where guests are looking, and the platform on which they are seated moves in response to the onscreen action. Combined, these elements make for an experience that’s completely immersive.

This optional paid experience is $8 for Aquarium members and $10 for nonmembers.

Restrictions: VR Headset Manufacturers recommend that users be at least 13 years of age. Children younger than 13 who are at least 42” tall may ride with parent/guardian consent. Eyeglasses may not be worn while wearing the VR Headset.

Warning: Ride makes sudden movements from side-to-side and forwards and backwards. All passengers must be able to hold onto the safety bar throughout the ride. Ride is not recommended for expectant mothers and guests with a history of heart conditions, seizure disorders, or abnormal blood pressure, back, neck or shoulder conditions, and/or those who have a fear of enclosed spaces. Ride at your own risk.

Medical Devices: It is recommended that guests with medical devices (including implanted, connected and external) please follow the directions of the device manufacturer or consult their healthcare provider.

Seizures: Anyone who previously has had a seizure or other symptom linked to an epileptic condition should consult their healthcare provider before using the VR Headset.