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Penguins' Rock Cam

screenshot of penguin cam

The Tennessee Aquarium’s gentoo and macaroni penguins are busy birds. Check in on their playful antics any time you could use a little “penguin break.” Throughout the year, you’ll witness courtship, nest building, rearing young and molting at the Aquarium.

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River Otter Falls Cam

screenshot of otter cam

Watch River Otters scampering up and down multi-tiered landscape which features a lengthy stream, waterfalls and cascades. You'll be fascinated by their climbing abilities and athleticism underwater.

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Secret Reef Cam

screenshot of Secret Reef cam

This saltwater exhibit, home to thousands of colorful reef fish, big, toothy sharks and a rescued green sea turtle, is designed to model the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary.

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NEW! Lemur Forest Cam

screen shot of lemur cam

An aerial view of an adorably raucous, shockingly agile community of Ring-tailed and Red-Ruffed Lemurs

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NEW! Tropical Fish Cam

screen shot of tropical fish cam

An underwater world filled with brilliantly colored reef fish from the life-rich stretch of ocean known as the Coral Triangle

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NEW! Moon Jelly Cam

screen shot of jelly cam

Moon Jellies are mesmerizing, almost magical, marine creatures that appear to perform an underwater ballet.

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