Aquarium Live Cams

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Penguins' Rock Cam

penguins on live web cam view

The Tennessee Aquarium’s gentoo and macaroni penguins are busy birds. Check in on their playful antics any time you could use a little “penguin break.” Throughout the year, you’ll witness courtship, nest building, rearing young and molting at the Aquarium.

Watch times suggested by keepers: Keepers are likely to be seen working inside the penguin habitat between 8:30 - 10:30 am. An afternoon feeding typically happens around 3:00 pm.

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River Otter Falls Cam

otter on live cam view

Because much of an otter’s life is scent-driven, you will frequently see the Aquarium’s otters playing a game of hide-and-smell. The animals will scent mark their favorite locations and Aquarium experts will occasionally introduce treats and new scents for the otters to discover.

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Secret Reef Cam

sharks on webcam view

Thanks to support from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA, you can take a virtual dive into the Tennessee Aquarium’s Secret Reef exhibit. This saltwater exhibit, home to thousands of colorful reef fish, big, toothy sharks and a rescued green sea turtle, is designed to model the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary.

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