American Kestral

American Kestral

Falco sparverius

About This Animal

SIZE: Wingspan: Up to 22”

RANGE: Found throughout the whole United States and into northern Canada

HABITAT: Open country with scattered trees; cultivated and urban areas

DIET: In cold months mostly rodents, in warm months mostly grasshoppers and other insects

ON EXHIBIT:  Makes appearances in Extraordinary Experiences bird programs in River Journey building.

American Kestrels are one of the five falcon species found regularly in the United States. They like to hunt from high vantage points such as power line and the tops of trees where they scan for prey with their amazing eye sight.  

Females tend to be larger and have a brownish- red back and wings where the male has a red back and bluish- gray wings.

Kestrels nest in tree cavities so sometimes boxes can be built with an appropriate sized entrance hole for them to use for nesting.  Four to six eggs are laid and hatch in around 30 days. 

They are one of the most maneuverable falcons and can hover for long periods of time while they focus in on their prey.