Yellow-rumped Warbler

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Dendroica coronata

About This Animal

SIZE: 5.5 inches

RANGE: Widespread over Canada and the United States during the summer, and into Mexico during the winter

HABITAT: Forests and woodlands

DIET: Feeds on insects, invertebrates, berries, and grass seed; Feeds mostly on ground, or flutters in the air to catch insects

ON EXHIBIT: Cove Forest in River Journey

These birds are one of the first migrant birds to return North during the spring. They are able to digest waxes found in wax myrtles and bayberries which gives it a broader range, with sightings as far north as Canada.

Their population may be slightly increasing, as this bird is very widespread. The biggest threat for these birds is flying into man-made obstacles such as buildings, windows, radio towers, etc.  In order to help prevent these things, lights on buildings, reflective tape or stickers on windows, and lights on radio towers can give the birds more warning.