Keeled Box Turtle

Keeled Box Turtle

Cuora mouhotii

About This Animal

SIZE: 6-8"

RANGE: China (Hainan Island), Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh, east India, Bhutan

HABITAT: This terrestrial species lives in forested areas, sometime in or near caves.

DIET: Primarily carnivorous (invertebrates and small vertebrates). Will occasionally eat fruit.

ON EXHIBIT: Turtle Gallery on Level 2 of River Journey

Keeled box turtles are named for the three keels running down the top of their carapace (top of shell).  Females of this species lay anywhere from 3-7 eggs, sometimes twice per year.

Conservation Status: Critically Endangered per the IUCN Red List

Our Impact: The AZA population of this species is managed as an SSP program by Tennessee Aquarium staff.  This species has reproduced at the Aquarium.