Chinese Three-striped Box Turtle

Chinese Three-striped Box Turtle

About This Animal

SIZE: 7.9 in (20 cm)

RANGE: China; Laos; Viet Nam

HABITAT: Streams or stream banks in the hill and montane evergreen forest

DIET: Fish, invertebrates, some plants

ON EXHIBIT:  Turtle Gallery in River Journey

Due to a belief that these turtles have medicinal value, the species has been extensively over-collected.  Females of this species lay one clutch per year of five to seven eggs.  This species is part of the Tennessee Aquarium’s Asian Turtle Breeding Program and has successfully reproduced here.

The Chinese Three-Lined Box Turtle is critically endangered. Turtles and tortoises across Southeast Asia have undergone massive declines in recent years due to overexploitation for the Southern Asian, particularly Chinese, food markets.