Rainbow Trout

Oncorhynchus mykiss

About This Animal

SIZE: Adults average 20 – 24 inches long

RANGE: Rainbow trout are native to North America west of the Rockies from Alaska into northwestern Mexico.

HABITAT: Rainbow trout prefer cool, clear streams and lakes, but can survive in most lakes or ponds as long as there is cool, oxygenated water in the depths.

DIET: Their diet consists mainly of immature and adult insects, plankton, crustaceans, fish eggs, and small fishes.

ON EXHIBIT:  Cove Forest in River Journey

Rainbow trout are gorgeous fish, with coloring and patterns that vary widely depending on range, habitat, age, and spawning condition. They are torpedo-shaped and generally blue-green or yellow-green in color with a pink streak along their sides, white underbelly, and small black spots on their back and fins. The rainbow trout is a member of the family of fishes that also includes salmon, char, and grayling. They can live in the wild up to 12 years, but average 4-6 years. Rainbow trout are raised in aquaculture in the U.S., making this fish a local sustainable seafood choice for Tennessee.