White-Blotched River Stingray

White-Blotched River Stingray

Potamotrygon leopoldi

About This Animal

SIZE: 30-40 cm, (12-16 in)

RANGE: South America

HABITAT: Rocky river bottoms in the Xingu River Basin

DIET: Small crustaceans and mollusks

ON EXHIBIT:  Tropical Cove in Ocean Journey

This species of stingray is the most boldly patterned, most rays are shades of brown. It is thought that the bright polka-dots on the black background of this species helps camouflage it in the sun-dappled streams where it lives. Very little is known about this species so its status in the wild is unknown. 

To stay safe, rays hide under sand or gravel but can use their tail barb to hurt predators when threatened. Sometimes people accidently step on rays when they are hiding under sand or gravel. It's a good idea to slide your feet if you're in an area with a lot of rays.