Leather Sea Star

Leather Sea Star

Dermasterias imbricata

About This Animal

SIZE: Up to 10 inches diameter

RANGE: Prince William Sound, Alaska to Sacramento Reef, Baja California

HABITAT: Mostly found in rock areas from intertidal to about 300 ft deep

DIET: Sea anemones, sea cucumbers and sea urchins

ON EXHIBIT:  Boneless Beauties at Ocean Journey

This sea star gets its common name from its smooth skin.  Its soft skin can exude a mucous making it feel slippery to the touch. The leather sea star does not have spines like other sea stars, but six-eight rows of papulae, small feathery sacks used for respiration on each of its five arms. Sea stars are unique because unlike most other animals they do not have blood but instead use sea water to pump around their bodies. Unlike many other sea stars, Leather Stars swallow their prey whole and digest it internally.