Event Guidelines & FAQ’s

•    What time can I host an event? 
Evening Events are held from 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM and extended hours are available at an additional cost. Daytime events in the IMAX Boardroom or A-Space can range in hours. Contact us today for more information. 

•    What time can I arrive to decorate for my event? 
The Aquarium closes to the public at 6PM. You may arrive at 6PM, but your event cannot begin until 7PM. 

•    Are there any restrictions for decorations?
No balloons, No free confetti, glitter or sand, no open flames and no live animals. 

•    Can I use a different catering company?
All food must be through one of the Aquariums Approved Caterers. Please see the Food & Bar tab for the approved list and contact information. 

•    Can I bring in my own alcohol?
The Tennessee Aquarium provides all bar services and alcohol for events. Event hosts may not bring in any alcoholic beverages or soft drinks from any outside source. 

•    How many bartenders are required?
The Tennessee Aquarium requires 1 bartender for every 100 guests. 

•    Do I have to rent my own tables/chairs/linens? 
The Aquarium will take care of all of the tables/chairs/linens and their set-up & break-down at an additional cost. Because each event is different, pricing varies based on your needs. Contact us today for more pricing information. 

•    Do I have to have a wedding coordinator? 
The Tennessee Aquarium requires the use of a licensed wedding coordinator for all ceremonies and receptions. The Aquarium must approve this coordinator before any contract is finalized. 

•    Can I have a band or DJ at my event? 
Bands and DJ’s are allowed at the IMAX Theater and at the River Journey Pavilion or main lobby. Due to the sound sensitivity of our animals, DJ’s and Bands are not permitted inside any Aquarium galleries. 

•    Do you have wheelchairs?
The Tennessee Aquarium can provide wheelchairs for your guests during your evening event. 

•    Is parking included? 
Parking is not included for any evening or day time event. Host parking may be available for your guests, depending on the date of the event. Contact us today for more information on pricing and availability. 

•    I need to host a large event, do I receive a discount for more people?
Special pricing is available for events with more than 300 guests. Contact us today for more information and pricing. 

For more information contact our events department today.