Dr. Anna George

Aquarium Vice President of Conservation Science and Education
Areas of Expertise: Ichthyology, Conservation Genetics

Anna was lucky to discover her love for water early in life, on a 7th grade field trip to the Dauphin Island Sea Lab in Alabama. From that point on, her goal was to get underwater to hang out with fish as often as possible. During her undergraduate and graduate coursework, she worked in both freshwater and marine systems to study the conservation, ecology, and evolution of fishes. Since joining TNACI 2006, she has led research initiatives in habitat restoration, species reintroduction, and conservation genetics that mirror her passion for collaborative conservation problem-solving. Prior to working at TNACI, she taught at Franklin & Marshall College in Pennsylvania and currently teaches Environmental Education at the University of the South. She serves on the Advisory Council for Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary, the Board of Directors for Crabtree Farms, and the Advisory Committee of the Southeastern Fishes Council.

Go-to Karaoke Song:  “Friends in Low Places”

You Can Also Find Me:  Paddleboarding or knitting

  Ph.D., 2005, Saint Louis University (Biology)
  Graduate coursework, 2000-2001, University of Alabama (Biology)
  B.A. with distinction, 2000, University of Virginia (Biology)

Representative Publications:
George, A.L., M.T. Hamilton, and K.F. Alford. 2013.
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Guidelines for using propagation and translocation for reintroduction or augmentation (PTRA) for the conservation of southeastern fishes.  Fisheries 34:529-545.

George, A.L., D.A. Neely, and R.L. Mayden. 2006.
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