Chucky Madtom

Chucky Madtom

Noturus crypticus

About This Animal

SIZE: 2.9 inches

RANGE: Very small. Currently found in only one location, Little Chucky Creek in TN . They were previously found in Dunn Creek in Tenn

HABITAT: Small streams with moderate current and a rocky bottom

DIET: Unknown because of lack of data, but other madtoms predominately eat insect larvae

LIFESPAN: Lifespan is unknown in the wild. Close relatives live only 1-2 years.


About this animal:  Madtoms are small catfishes.The Chucky Madtom is native to Tennessee and is one of the rarest animals in North America.  Only three Chucky Madtoms have been collected since 2000. They were previously found in Dunn Creek in Tennessee, but haven’t been seen there since 1940. They reproduce in the early summer, with the male selecting a nesting site under rocks, logs, or empty mussel shells. Male madtoms guard the nest after eggs are laid, usually not feeding.

Threats: Chucky Madtoms are threatened by a very restricted range, very low numbers, habitat fragmentation and destruction, and non-point source pollution, especially sedimentation, as well as competition from invasive crayfishes.

Our Impact: TNACI is working with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to develop a Recovery Plan for this endangered species.

Conservation Status: Federally Endangered and protected under the Endangered Species Act.

Photo is from CFI