Slackwater Darter

Slackwater Darter

Etheostoma boschungi

About This Animal

SIZE: 2.6 inches

RANGE: Tennessee and Alabama

HABITAT: Slackwater Darters occupy slow moving, small to medium-sized creeks. They leave the stream to spawn in late winter, migrating into areas where groundwater comes to the surface often in pastures and forests.

DIET: Aquatic insects

LIFESPAN: Unknown, probably 3+ years


About this animal: Male Slackwater Darters have bright breeding colors of orange and blue.. Slackwater Darters may return to the same water where they were hatched.

Threats: Small range, habitat destruction, nonpoint source pollution, pesticides

Our Impact: Our scientists are working with partners at Arkansas State University and the University of Alabama on genetic studies and understanding the range of the Slackwater Darter.

Conservation Status: Federally Threatened which means it is protected under the Endangered Species Act.