Vermilion Darter

Vermilion Darter

Etheostoma chermocki

About This Animal

SIZE: 2.3 inches

RANGE: Turkey Creek and its tributaries in the Black Warrior River drainage in Pinson, Alabama

HABITAT: Small to medium-sized creeks with gravel, cobble, and bedrock bottom

DIET: Omnivore, but primarily targets insect larvae

LIFESPAN: 3+ years.


About this animal: Vermilon Darters get their name from the bright reddish-orange (vermilion) color of breeding males along their lower sides. This species is in a group called the snubnose darters, referring to their short stubby noses. The city of Pinson Alabama uses the image of the endangered Vermilion Darter on some of its official logos.

Threats: Sedimentation, pesticides, nonpoint source pollution, habitat destruction

Our Impact: Scientists at the Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute (TNACI) are working with partners to help conserve the Vermilion Darter, which lives in a watershed heavily impacted by urbanization.

Conservation Status: Federally Endangered which means they are protected under the Endangered Species Act.