Grade Level 9th - 12th

Classroom Program Options

Seahorse Rescue Mission 

Seahorse populations are declining and we need your help!  Students learn how to complete background research, test water for basic impurities and discuss effects on animal populations as they help save the seahorses.

Stream Scene

Discover ways to determine the health of a stream by its inhabitants. See unique adaptations of animals that live their life in cold mountain streams when you become stream creatures as we conduct a simulation to find out how events in and around the stream can change its ability to support life. 

Conservation Institute School Group Tours

Curious about what the Aquarium’s team of researchers is working on in their new riverfront conservation science facility? Bring your class on a tour for an exciting education experience! Students will be able to learn about the research our scientist are doing on freshwater ecosystems. The tour will take them into our labs and propagation room.  The building’s sustainable design features will also be highlighted throughout the tour. For more information or to schedule your tour please email us at
Cost: $6 per student
*Title 1 schools are eligible for free tours