Veterinary Externship

The Tennessee Aquarium is once again offering veterinary externship opportunities. This successful program, now in its third year, is designed to provide experience in aquatic animal medicine to advanced veterinary students.

The veterinary preceptorship allows visiting students to spend two weeks working with Dr. Christian Keller and the husbandry staff.  

Dr. Keller has been the veterinarian at the Tennessee Aquarium since 1991 and is adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine located in Knoxville. Students will spend approximately 20 hours per week with Dr. Keller and the remaining time per week rotating through the husbandry department. 

In addition to various freshwater and marine fishes, students will have the opportunity to work with penguins, psittacines, native birds and reptiles. They will gain experience in the realm of aquatic bio-security and quarantine. In addition, students will be involved with the husbandry and medical concerns of mammals ranging from Flying Squirrels to North American River Otters. (The Tennessee Aquarium does not house marine mammals of any type.)

Preceptors will be provided housing within walking distance of the Tennessee Aquarium for the two week period and receive a small daily meal allowance.  

Students who apply must be in their clinical years of training from an accredited school of veterinary medicine.

We are not currently accepting applications for this program but look forward to reopening the application process in the future.